Bands on a cardigan? Button holes?

How do bands on cardigans work? I have missed out a row to do with the band. Can I just make a band and sew it on at the end?

Also how are button holes created?

Many thanks
Hamster:?? :??

Yes , You can make a band and sew it one if you prefer to do that. Buttonholes can be made in several ways. For small buttons as on a baby sweater, you make a yarn over knit2 together, or purl t2 together depending on what side the pattern tells you to make it on. Another way is for bigger buttons and will involve binding off stitches. It goes like this: Bind of the next 3 stitches turn your work and using the same yarn, cast on three stitches to replace the bind of stitches, resume knitting. If you have trouble understanding this , search you tube for videos about knitting and making button holes for large and small buttons.