Banana Silk and Recyc. Sari Silk

Another case of impulse buying. 200gr of Orange recycled sari silk and 200gr of Red banana silk.

They look great together, but I do not know what would be the correct project to create with them?

Maybe a long shoulder bag? Because it has to be hand washed and dryed flat I really did not think a garment would be practical.

Suggestions welcomed. :??

I just bought a ton a recycled silk, too! Here’s a thread that I started on the patterns page asking for suggestions; lots of people posted ideas. KK suggested a book cover, and that’s on my list…I have 7 skeins of it though, so I’m going to be doing others too!!!

When Ive seen recycled silk knitted objects, they’ve been HEAVY. Might be something to think about if you are considering a garment.

Need more info please? Do you guys have a preferred ebay seller? What does the yarn feel like? Looks relly cool!

I am so on yarn probation though! One of my LYS is having a going out of business :frowning: sale (50% off!!! all yarn!!!) and one of the other ones just had a bag sale at 40-50% off (whole bags of REALLY COOL YARN). Of course, I had to add to my ever growing stash.

Hi Kemp,

I bought the yarn from two different ebay sellers. Both the banana silk and the recycled sari silk are the same texture and weight. Both change gauge within a matter of inches from worested to super chucky. Maybe a size 11 to 13 needle.

I did not think a garmet was a wise choice because of the fiber’s cleaning instructions and the finished wieght. I thought a deep shoulder bag with a long strap would work. Kinda of like a tote?

I am hoping someone with experience with this fiber had a suggestion and/or pattern.


Here is the auction i won. The seller was very nice, the yarn is GORGEOUS. It is a liiiiiiitle “stringier” than I’d like it to be… pulls apart occasionally, etc. But it looks GREAT knitted up. I’ve just done some swatches. It does get knotty and twisty, which causes breakage, but I think that’s the nature of recycled silk, and not b/c this person sells crappy yarn. The stuff I bought at the LYS was 16 bucks a skein, and it WAS woven very tightly, and it’s shinier. But this stuff is really great too… NO sticks or dirt, which I heard can happen with recycled silk. I don’t know… I got 2 skeins from the lYS for 32 bucks, and I got 5 skeins from ebay for 34 with shipping; even though the yarn quality is a TINY bit inferior (TINY, TINY, TINY) it’s worth it b/c of thepirce, I thought.

I’m going to do the book cover first, and then work on THIS bag pattern: it might be what you’re looking for, joyt; the pattern is for the small version, but there is a picture of a bigger version, which is what I think i’;m going to do (no directions, though, but I think it can be “fudged”)

Very cool. Thanks for all the info.

One of the sellers mentioned the bananna yarn being pretty soft. Is that accurate?

Dear HvK,

Thank you for the link of the Melow bag by Stephanie Shiman! That is very much what I visioned. :happydance:

It will be my project after a baby sweater, for my new niece, I am nearly finishing with and a pair of leg warmers for my disabled mother.

Dear k,

My orange recycled sari silk is firm but not stiff and will break if pulled on hard. My red banana silk is soft and softer than the sari silk. The color is more vivid in the banana silk also. But both fibers call for hand washing in cold water with mild soap and to lay flat to dry.


Thanks for the info. I need to resist the urge to buy more yarn right now

[size=2](HA…fat chance)[/size]

But I would REALLY like to try that banana silk!

I have no ideas for your project, but just wanted to say that the yarn looks so yummy! Have fun!

Dear b,

Thank you, the encouragement is really nice to have!


Dear k,

Bananas are good for you! Can you say the same about silk fiber?

I only justify my growing assortment of purchases if I have something clearly in mind that I can make with it and it is on my todo list. Sadly, my list is getting so, so long!


I wanted a striped bag or tote but when I calculated how much Banana Fiber Silk in Red I had I was limited with only 200 grams.

I knit this up as a rectangle, seamed the sides and made a wide shoulder strap. It it not as nice as I had envisioned but I am not unhappy with it either.

Very cute! How does it feel now that it’s fabric??? Soft? Sorta soft? Minutely soft? Not soft?

The color is the first most striking thing and then the fluid feeling of the bag. It is soft and has some weight. I doubled up the sari silk because it was not as bulky as the (red) banana silk. Then when I knitted the strap I doulbed up the banana silk to be sure it was sturdy.

I wanted to work with this type of fiber once. Now I need to figure out what to do with the two left over shanks of orange recycled sari silk.


oooo you could needle felt it in the red part… maybe int he sahpe of a flower or something!

How would that work on silk fibers?