Bambozelle basket--FO!

Here’s my almost finished Bambozelle basket. Fun and quick knit, it’s cute. I think I did the basketweave stitch wrong, it doesn’t look right…but oh well it’s alright.

I couldn’t find any bamboo yarn, so I used a 50/50 bamboo/merino blend. I still have to add the I-cord and beads, but here it is thus far. I’m in the middle of making another twice as big, both for my mom’s birthday this weekend.

Here’s some pics!
I’ll update when I finish them both…

Oh Yeah! I HATE to sew!

I love it! Even if the stitch is “wrong” I think it looks awesome!

Very pretty basket. I love the color and the lining looks great too!

LOVELY~~ What a nice gift~! :cheering: :happydance:

How cute!

It looks great!! Can’t wait to see it finished… :slight_smile: :cheering:

It looks great.
Funny…it looks huge in the first picture!

I know!
The picture on Knitty makes it look huge too. So even though I read the dimensions it just didn’t click and I was expecting a much larger basket. Hence attempt number too: I’m gonna see what just doubling everything does.