I’m currently looking into purchasing a full set of bamboo needles and an interchangeable circular set - to replace my handmedown needles that don’t quite match.

I saw one set of bamboo on ebay that says it comes with a piece of emery to keep them maintained.

What does one do with this piece of emery? Would it not make the needles splinter?

Also, anyone know how many needles are in a full set? it seems to differ a lot!

Thanks for any advise!

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the emery smooths down any splinters that may appear in the bamboo needles. It helps to keep them from being “sticky”

Sets vary. There’s no rule regarding how many sizes come in a set

I recommend that you try out different needles before buying a whole set. I dived right in, bought the Denise set w/o having given Options a try. I got lucky and really like Denise, but I think that I may have purchased Options, had I had the forsight to buy one needle to test first.