I’m still relatively new to knitting, and i’m in the middle of my first hat. I guess I’m a reeeeeally tight knitter, because the tip of one of the needles on my plastic circs broke on me. :oops:

I’m going to exchange those needles… and I want to try bamboo… but I’m scared they’ll break!! So what do you think? Should I leave the bamboo and just go for the aluminum? Or is bamboo just as strong??

Thanks for the opinions!

I think you should try bamboo, because the work will be difficult to knit that tight, and you will learn your hands to not knit that tight!

I’ve never had bamboo break and I much prefer them over metal dpns because they don’t try to slide out the way the metal ones can do.

I prefer bamboo, also. And, in my experience, it is normal for a new knitter to knit fairly tightly. You’ll loosen up as you gain confidence and try different ways of wrapping your yarn around your fingers. You’ll find that the yarn can kinda create its own tension without you having to pull or “snug up” anything. :thumbsup:

I also love Bamboo needles. I recommend them to people starting out as it is harder to knit tight with them (I too am a tight knitter) and they feel great in the hand.

[color=blue]I love Bamboo. I find that my hands do not get sore—the wood is light and feels good to work with. I started out knitting very very tight, but as I knitted more and my mum told me “relax, this is FUN!” lol my knitting has loosened up hmmm or maybe I have :thinking:

Sebago, ME[/color]

I guess I’m an outcast - I dont really care for bamboo that much. To me, its too sticky - the yarn doesnt slide for me at all. I guess that’s good for some people though. I dont know why but I just seem to love the Quick Silvers - and I do like Ash needles, if you want some natural product. To me, the ash is a little bit smoother.

You’ll find the needles you love after you experiment some. Good luck! :thumbsup:

I LOVE bamboo. But I also LOVE nickle plated (Addis and Options). But I also LOVE Inox. This could go on for hours…

Point is, like Becjo pointed out, different yarns work better on different needes. I loved Inox until I tried them with a wool/alpaca blend. Felt like I was trying to drag them over sand paper covered in glue! I’ve got it on bamboos now, and it’s much better. My Options came yesterday (woooo hooooo!!!), so I’ll be trying the blend on them at lunch, I’m sure that will be my favorite. But I HATE working with cotton on a nickle plate, toooooooo slippery, tooooooo many dropped stitches. Bamboo and Inox are much better for me with a cotton yarn.

However, I wouldn’t be concerned about the bamboo bending or breaking because you knit on the tight side. It’s pretty tough stuff.

Keep tying out new needle/yarn combos till you find your LOVE/HATE list!

I love bamboo as well; although I use metal for cotton because the yarn slides easier. For just about everything else (especially for socks), I prefer bamboo.

lol, due to the overwhelming thumbs up to bamboo, I’m gonna give it a shot. Thanks!!! (If the bamboo breaks, then I REALLY know I have a problem. hahaha.) :happydance:

I guess I’m one of the few who hasn’t tried bamboo yet :oops:

No, you’re not. I have only ever used aluminum straight needles and have just recently tried the resin based denise needles.


I’ve only tried aluminum and plastic, and I prefer the aluminum. I have some nickel-plated Options due this week, though… :thinking: