Bamboo yarn

I’m thinking about knitting a hat, and I saw some WONDERFUL bamboo yarn on line. For those that have knitted with the bamboo yarn, what can you tell me about it? Is it more like a cotton yarn when it’s knitted, that is, there isn’t a lot of “give” to it? Or is it more “bouncy” like a merino wool? Would it be hot or cool to wear if I knitted a hat out of it (I’m not looking so much for a warm yarn as this wouldn’t be a winter hat per se). :??

Personally, I think of bamboo as a warm weather yarn, much like cotton. I love, love to knit with it, it has more give than cotton. The finished product is very drapey…I love bamboo.

I have not knitted with any but last week I did feel some at the LYS. It was Regia bamboo sock yarn. It did not feel soft at all. I was really disappointed. Maybe it was just that particular yarn though.

I agree with Rebecca…drapey. Here is a skirt made of SWTC Twize Bamboo so you can see an example