Bamboo Yarn Sub?

What can I use to substitute for the bamboo yarn in this Knitty project?

I’ve never seen bamboo yarn…how does it feel/behave, is there anything similar? Are there other brands? I don’t even know where this stuff is carried…

The bamboo I’ve seen is very soft and drapey. The pattern only calls for one skein, so it may be worth the splurge to get the bamboo. If not, I would think KP’s Shine Sport might work.

People, please STOP!!! That is the most beautiful basket I have ever seen in my life.

The bamboo yarn I have seen is like silk. I wonder if you could get a similar body and shine with a mercerized or Egyptian cotton. Others here will better advise.

And I don’t mean to instigate, but the Alchemy Bamboo is currently 40% off at Webs ( Still almost $17/skein though, and they don’t have all the colors.

I just called the LYS near my parents and they carry two kinds of bamboo yarn–I’ll have to stop by when I visit tonight!