Bamboo/Wooden Circulars- delete


Are you just interested in just trading for the needles or would you buy them? I have a bunch of bamboo circulars that I might be interested in selling.

Well, if I can’t find a trader, I’ll have to buy them, what are you asking for them?

Bumpety Bump!

ahhhh Mary, I’m so sorry, I ended up babysitting the new baby and got sidetracked …then had to take hubby to the airport…one thing after another…I’m going upstairs right now and check and see what I got…if you don’t hear from me in half an hour send someone to find me!:rofl:


Hi Mary,
I should have looked first! I don’t have any of the sizes you need…sorry.

I do have (2) 29 inch size 11’s
(1) 29 inch size 10 1/2

All three are Clover Bamboo and I paid $10.50 each. I’d take 20 dollars for the three and free shipping.


Oh well, I have several in these sizes so it won’t work. Thanks for checking for me, Jen. I just didn’t see the sense in buying them if someone had some and weren’t using them. Mary