Bamboo vs. Denise Interchangeables

I bought a set of bamboo needles and knit a dish cloth with them, and you know, I really like them. I was expecting them to be “draggy”, at least more so than aluminum needles–and they may be a little bit more.

How do bamboo needles compare to Denise needles? I’m curious if they have about the same amount of drag. I bought some KP Options, and maybe when I’m a little more skilled at knitting, I’ll like them better. In the meantime, I drop stitches like crazy with them because they are so darn slick. I’m getting icthcy to try the Denises even though I hate to spend the money.

I’m also tempted to try knitting socks on circular needles. I’m really into socks since I finally got the hang of them. I enjoy DPNs but feel like I have to get my money’s worth out of the circular needles I have purchased. Looks like you basically split the stitches with half on each circular–does that sound right?

Thanks for all the encouragement and patience! You’se guys are the best.


[color=indigo]Hi Joe-

I prefer Denise’s over others. I think you will find that these are faster and sharper than any bamboo circ, and (perhaps) not quite as fast or sharp as Options. Denise needles, however, can be sharpened with sandpaper. If you were slipping off stitches with the Options, you’d likely have the same problem with Denise’s, especially in smaller sizes.

If you find that the bamboos are right for your current speed and needle/yarn control, stick with them for now. You may find that sone needle sizes and some yarns kinda “want” one brand/type of needle more than others. Just experiment.


Landolphe (another XY knitter!)[/color]


I used mostly bamboo needles b4 i got my Denise set, and I was very surprised to find myself knitting much faster! I have more control now (as opposed to a year ago) so i don’t know what to tell you about dropping stitches, but I believe what landolphe said, you probably willdrop stitches on the Denises if u’re having that problem w/ the Options. They’re not quick as slick, so you probably wouldn’t be dropping them as much though.

hope everything works out :muah: