Bamboo straight sets and now DPNS!

My husband and I run an ebay store and we are working to get different knitting needles to sell. Currently we have 2 auctions going. Please take a look at them. We hope to have bamboo in our store soon, for circulars, straights and DPNs.

jro06 is our seller name!


We now have clover dpns up for auction as well. Please take a look and as any questions!

Thanks so much! And happy bidding!

Here is the link to the ebaystore. That may make it easier to see all of the knitting needles auctions!


Hi, can you tell me what DPNS is?

Thanks, Jeannine

I’m sorry I haven’t checked the boards recently as we had company. DPNs are double pointed needles.

We are currently applying to buy clover bamboo wholesale to sell. Once we have those up for auction, I will make another post. We have a few sets left of the Single Pointed needles on auction.

More to come soon!

Thanks to those who have looked and bid/purchased from us!