Bamboo needles

If anyone is looking for a good deal on bamboo needles check out I just ordered a set of 8-inch DP needles (5 of each) in all sizes up to 15 for $24.99 and free shipping (when you chose that option). Savings of $35.00. I have the set of 6-inch and love them. I was not a particular fan of bamboo needles before this purchase but now love them for socks and mittens.

They also have circulars for sale and accessories. Shop is located in Pennsylvania.


They have the same deal on the full set of circular bamboo needles and have a few different cord lengths you can choose.

I’m looking at their circs. Has anyone tried the stitchberry needles? At $2.99 I just might try a set if I’m making an order anyhow.

That looks like a plastic cable which I’ve hated in the past. Hmmm…

I was also in the market for several sizes of the long bamboo needles in a set. Couldn’t find the Clover brand in a set, they seem more expensive but I have 1 set long and one set of dpn from them. So I was shopping @ Amazon and one person complained about the stitchberry brand, so I decided against that brand.

What I meant to say is I only have a size 7 in long bamboo & 1 set of size 10 in the dpn from Clover.

Thanks for the comments.

Jan, I have a set of Clover 48" size 2 that I ordered just to see what it’s like and the cable on it looks like skinny weed eater cord but after dipping it in hot water before I started using it, it behaves almost like the KP cables. I actually like it! and hate having my preconcieved notions dashed! :mrgreen: I like the short bamboo tips for socks, too. The cord on the stitchberry brand looked iffy so I thought I’d ask.

barb, was it the cable that was complained about on Amazon? I’ll see if I can find it to read for myself.

I’d only risk a few bucks if I don’t have to pay shipping and was ordering anyhow. The eneedles site is hard to run things down on IME.

Has anyone tried the stitchberry needles? At $2.99 I just might try a set if I’m making an order anyhow.

That’s the eknittingneedles site too. Their cords look like the tubing that is often found on inexpensive needles. Sometimes they’re too stiff, sometimes to flexible, but they’re usually close to the same size as the needle and it can be harder to push the stitches along them unlike other cords which are thinner. Let us know how they work for you.

I’m not sure I’m ordering anything now, Sue, but if I do, I’ll let you know what I think of them. Hopefully if I try them what I think of them won’t get bleeped. :teehee:

If you’re willing to do that then they might be fine. I’m not. Just too many good needles to buy something that “might” work. I know not everyone feels that way :wink:

I was reading the comment from Leanne on Amazon who bought a set of don’t and circular bamboo set. She had a problem with one set becoming blunt & the circular cable broke on her. I was very surprised at that so I checked some other brands out. The woman’ name was Leanne.

I have two sets of these:

I <3 them!!! I use them a lot. You get a ton of DPN for $18! I love them so much that I sewed a roll up dpn holder for them.

Eta: I pulled the trigger on a set of 10", :slight_smile: