Bamboo Needles

Sorry if this sounds weird, but i’ve previously been using metal needles and am thinking of converting to bamboo, but one thing is holding me back. With thin needles, like size 1 and such, will the bamboo needle break easily? How sturdy are those needles?

I think the very small ones do break occasionally especially if you are a tight knitter. I don’t know how often though.

I like my metal INOX needles much better then bamboo. I’m not sure if they still make them or not, my grandma got these in Germany years ago.

i havent had luck with bamboo needles, i had one pair break while travelling and have stuck with metal ones ever since. :slight_smile:

So far I’ve never broken a bamboo needle (of course, since I just typed that I will in the very near future). On the other hand, I’m not a very tight knitter. Bamboo seems to be pretty flexible, though. It’ll bend pretty significantly without breaking. I really like bamboo needles!

Thanks all! This was really helpful and despite the possible breakage and bad experiences i’ve heard from you guys, i’m sort of leaning toward bamboo needles now. LOL! :happydance:

Some of it can depend on the quality of needles too. Cheapie needles will bend/break more easily than higher quality. That said, I still would prefer metal simply b/c the yarn slides over it easier and lets me knit faster.

all my DPN are bamboo and I love knitting socks with them. I have never had one break(knock on wood :slight_smile: ) even with the small sizes.