Bamboo Needle question

I have only really used Bamboo needles–I just like the way the feel to touch. I bought some metal needles but didn’t really like them–I can’t really put my finger on why but it just wasn’t the same. I noticed last night as I was knitting that a lot of my needles are rather warped from use–is this a problem and is it normal? Mostly, it’s my size 3 and size 5 needles but even the larger ones have slight warping if you look closely. It’s bamboo–not metal so of course it’s softer and more likely to bend but I just wanted to make sure it’s normal–and if not–find out how to make it stop!

Sorry, you’re not gonna make it stop. Bamboo is a plant material… subject to the effects of temperature and humidity. Even the little bit from your hands can cause changes in the fibers of wood and bamboo. Because bamboo is technically a grass, (albeit a very tough one) it is more subject to temp and moisture. I have bamboo needles also, and I find if I hold them in a position for a few minutes, they will warp back straight again. Keeping them in a roll-up pouch or case also helps to keep them a little straighter. But don’t worry too much about it, after all, it’s nature that you’re dealing with here. If they do get too warped, you can always steam them by holding them over a pot of boiling water, then holding them to straightness while they cool… and don’t forget to wear your oven mitts, boiling water is scalding, and steam is hotter.

I noticed that my thinner bamboos have a warp to them. My thing with them (since they are a natural material) is the needle roll some of mine came in is black fabric lined, some of my needles are stained slightly. This bugs the heck out of me and I emailed Clover for suggestions in cleaning them and never got an answer. I tried rubbing them with a paste of baking soda to no avail…
I wonder if keeping those little silica packets that you sometimes find in new shoe boxes, etc. would be handy to tuck into your bamboo needle storage to control moisture? Couldn’t hurt… :thumbsup:

I think the warping helps make it feel better when I’m knitting. It’s normal tho.

I have several bamboo needles, but never noticed any warping. Maybe I haven’t knit long enough yet.

As for metal…I don’t like them either. They are cold and feel too “hard” and tend to make my hands hurt when knitting for lengths of time. I’m thinking about getting a set of Denise interchangeables.

it may depend on the size of the needles you have. I think mine are size 2. if not, then they are only slightly bigger.

Hey BinkyKat,
Try bleach and a rinse in cool water. Towel them off and let them dry for a couple hours on a paper towel. When they are dry, rub them with wax paper, then work in the thin film of wax with the warmth of your bare hands. I think you’ll be pleased with the results. I use wax paper to treat all my bamboo and wood needles.

I’ve not noticed mine warp – maybe I’ve not used them enough. But I did notice a set I bought recently felt … not quite snaggy, but like they dragged a little bit. They just weren’t smooth rubbing across each other like I expected. I’ll bet the little bit of wax Trucker suggests would fix that.

I think a steam and ‘press’ would straighten them back up, although I’ve not had a problem with warping myself.

It will also depend on the metal needles that you use, too. Addi’s are metal but not like ‘metal’ needles, they have a different feel to them. Also I have the Boye interchangeable set, and again, they don’t FEEL metal to me.

Strokes for folks, really.

Hey Trucker… thanks for the tip. I banned DH from using bleach anywhere in the house until I say so… :rollseyes: He splashed some on one of my favoring red shirts and on the floormat of my car (don’t even ask, I can’t figure it out either…)

Will try that stain removal tip and the detailing procedure and report my findings! :thumbsup:

thanks for the tips guys–the warping really doesn’t bother me–it was more curiosity than anything…dh said something similar about plant material…he’s pretty smart so sometimes when he starts talking I just tune him out so I don’t feel like an idiot (jk–sory of… :rofling: ).