Bamboo Knitting Needles

O.k., so after using my first pair of these needles I must say that I love them! :muah: Too bad I have an entire set of the aluminum kind. The only check mark I would put on the bad remarks would be that I’m afraid that they would easily break in my knitting bag that I tote around with me all the time. On the positive side, I would say that they are just perfect for grabbing a hold of the yarn. No more loosing stitches! I never noticed how slippery the other kind of needles are. Not to mention, these are much lighter.

I guess every kind of needles has it’s pros and cons. :eyebrow:

it is definitely possible to break the really tiny sized needles, but I don’t think you could break most of them without really working at it. You should be fine.

And you can easily sharpen their points as desired.