Bamboo Handle Purse Pattern

Hi All!

Been ages since i logged on, says May…WOW…time sure flies when you spend all your time :XX: …lol.

Anyways, loads of photos & stories to tell, I’m hoping someone out there can help me locate a nice bag pattern…I bought some sweet bamboo handles on Ebay & now I just need something to make with them.


There is a pattern in stitch and bitch called the Chinese Charm Bag… it’s knit with a Noro yarn that has been discontinued now, but the bag is REALLY cute.

Have you checked out Knitting pattern Central?

i think this is a great pattern. i just finished knitting it up and just have to line it and go buy my handles for it. the pattern is $2 and is a pretty easy knit (especially after i loosened up on that last band!)

Hey, great help guys, thanks so much!


here’s a really cute and easy one.,,HGTV_3263_4026487,00.html

Sooooooo nice, thanks for this!

I went to the shop today & we are placing an order for afew different handles so i’ll be wanting loads more of patterns…if anyone has some…keep them coming!

(for my personal use only though, would never steal someone’s pattern & sell it…)

Rhy :XX: