Bamboo dpn's

hey all

i am looking to get some dpn’s to start knitting socks.

i have been offred some new once. dpn’s in sizezs
5 of each needles.

they are new.

they are asking $25 pluss $11 p&p

is that a good price or expensive please


Beware of the thinner bamboo needles. I used a set of 2.5mm and they snapped on the first glove that I made for my daughter. I now use knit picks metal dpn’s and love them. Compared to UK prices that looks like a good deal and I’m sure the thicker ones won’t break as easily as the thin ones. you probably just need to be carefull with the three smaller sizes.
Also I am not sure if there are different quality of bamboo.

Are these four per set or five? Will you use all those sizes or would it be less expensive in the long run just to buy the size you need.

And is it just me, or does $11.00 seem like a bit much.


reason for that shipping is because is international postage.

i think as thiner needles could snap i may stear away. i would be heart broken if i started and then they snapped.

think i will go down to the local shop and buy only the once i want rather than the full kit.

so glad i asked


If it’s international shipping, then that isn’t too bad. You might want to wait and see if anyone else weighs in on this, there are a lot of experienced knitters here.

If you look at the overall price of $36 for 15 pair of needles, that isn’t bad considering that even at JoAnn with a 40% off coupon the price of ONE pair of bamboo dpn’s is around $4. What brand are they? I’ve snapped a ton of size 0, 1 and 2 needles. Only once while actually knitting. The others come from my trying on my socks while only on three needles and the one across my arch will snap. No, I haven’t learned yet :slight_smile: I still prefer knitting socks on wood or bamboo though.

I’d buy them in a hurry! If you don’t, do you want to share the url?

If the quality of the bamboo is reputable it’s a great deal. I personally love knitting with bamboo because in the past I’ve had repetitive stress injury and the bamboo needles bend and have ‘give’ to them that’s easier on the hands and forearms. That being said however, once you get smaller than 2.25mm they will break if you knit tightly. When I knit socks and need a size smaller than 2.25mm I use aluminum ones. They have a slight give as well, unlike wood ones.

Sounds like a good deal to me- but I haven’t knit with bamboo yet. I just bought a pair and now that everyone is saying they break I’m getting scared!

id buy them immediately!

I have bamboo dpns in a size 7 and a 10. I adore them and haven’t had them snap. I have a plastic set for socks (although I’m only partially through my first sock and it’s been sitting OTNs for 3 months… ack!) recommended to me by my LYS… they’ve been great.

If they’re reasonably good needles, they’re a steal. I’ve seen sets of 5 dpns in bamboo going for $10+ (1 set), and people still buy them. My one concern would be the length. I love short dpns for mittens and socks, and long ones (10") for hats. Just make sure they are a usable length, I can imagine 10 mm in 8 or 10" lengths, but can’t imagine ever having a use for them in 6" lengths.