Bamboo DPN sets (2.00mm - 8.00mm) for $12

I hope I’m not reposting this, but I am so thrilled, I thought that I’d share.

I ordered a set of bamboo DPNs from ebay. There are 12 sizes, 5 needles per size. The shipping was $18 (they were shipped from China). I used Clover, don’t know if they are as slick, but they are not bad for the money.

I just got them today, so I cannot say how they feel yet.

Bamboo needles from Ebay

I like my clover dpns. They’re very sturdy and while they’re not as slick as metal needles the yarn does move nicely on them.

Happy Knitting!!!

Nadja xxx

I finally used these DPNs and I’m surprised at how pleased I am.

They are not as slick as Clovers. In fact, they might require going over them with wax paper. However, I didn’t drop one stitch.

The downside would be for those who prefer a longer DPN. These are only 5".

I like them so much, I may get a second set :slight_smile:

All-in-all, $12 (coming out to $1 per size) isn’t bad at all.

Is 5 inches long enough to do most socks and mittens?

I’ll let you know soon. I’m taking a sock class this weekend.

I’m trying my first pair of socks and they seem to be fine. In fact, I saw a couple of tutorials that recommended 5.75" DPNs.

Wow! That’s a great deal. I bought a set of 12 6" DPNs last night (1-11) for about $26 once I added in shipping, which comes out to a little more than 2 dollars per set. Waiting eagerly to try mine out!

I’m glad you like yours :happydance:

Wow, that is a good deal, the other day I purchased a set of 13 bamboo dpns /8in on ebay as well for $23. I recommend this to anyone looking for a whole set, it really saves you alot of money!

Yeah, but don’t forget the shipping, which is $18. I don’t regret the purchase, but if you can find it for cheaper…please, SHARE LOL