Bamboo Circs, Straights and DPN's For Sale!

Hi all! I’m clearing out my bamboo collection, since I only knit on Addi’s and Silvalume DPN’s these days. I will try and post some pictures in the near future, but you can always see them online via Froogle or JoAnn’s, etc. So here it goes:

Clover Bamboo Straights:[size=6][/size]

[size=3][/size]US 8 (2 sets)
US 10
US 11

Asking $5.50 each OBO

Bamboo Clover Circular Needles:

US 4
US 5
US 6

US 10.5

US 10.5[size=6][/size]

Asking $6 each OBO

Clover Bamboo DPN’s:

US 2
US 3
US 7 (2 sets)

Asking $6 each OBO

Shipping will be added, of course, but it’s not going to be very much, seeing as they’re needles and not books or anything crazy. All proceeds from this sale will go toward further enabling my Addi Turbo addiction (and supporting Jeff, of course) as well as my Schoolhouse Press and addictions. Thanks everyone!


Hi, Do you still have any circs? Would you consider trading for yarn? I have vintage Italian Mohair in my stash?

Thx Chele

Do you have the size 2 and 3 DPNs left? I’m intersted in those two sets. Thanks.

I think this little piggie (ME) got them all. Sorry!