Bamboo circs & DPNs for sale!

Since I have several interchangeable sets and have almost completed my collection of Crystal Palace DPNs, I have LOTS of barely-used needles that I no longer need…

Susan Bates Silvalume Circulars:
US sz 2, 29" (retails @ $6.99)SOLD!
US sz 8, 29" (retails @ $7.49)SOLD!

Addi Turbo Circular:
US sz 4, 24" (retails @ $15) SOLD!

Crystal Palace Bamboo Circulars:
US sz 2, 16" (retails @ $12)
US sz 3, 16" (retails @ $12)

Clover Bamboo Circulars:
US sz 3, 16" (retails @ $7.75)
US sz 3, 24" (retails @ $9.49)
US sz 15, 16" (retails @ $10.25)

Brittany Birch DPNs:
US sz 3, 7.5" (retails @ $7)

Clover Bamboo Premium DPNs:
US sz 3, 7" (retails @ $7.75)
US sz 7, 7" (retails @ $7.75)
US sz 10.5, 7" (retails @ $7.75)

Make me an offer… Id LOVE pymt in the form of a gift certificate from The Fold… but, will trade for sock yarn, etc…

These are all still available…

I would be interested in the circs that are not bamboo. I hate working with bamboo. how much would you like for them? and how would I do the kp gift certificate?
susan aka mulderknitter

I PMd you!

LOL, you are just doing some knitty spring cleaning, aren’t you KK?!

I AM! :cheering:

All of the bamboo needles are still available…

The Fold!!! :cheering:

[size=1]Its on its way… :happydance: [/size]

You better go cash that in with ME!!!1111111111 :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: No STR yet, so it’ll be awhile I think :hug:

I was gonna have them ship it, but Id MUCH rather go with YOU!!! :cheering:

How much for these with shipping?