Bamboo circ needles.

I’ve recently bought a set of bamboo circular needles for a snip. Only £5 from eBay. And there was quite a few in the Pac. Lovely. The big sizes are sturdy. But the small sizes are thin and fragile. I like to put my work in my handbag and sneak in a bit of knitting at break times. Imagine my horror when I pulled it out the bag to find only needle snapped in two. Like a tooth pick. No more knitting that day. So beware. Fine bamboo needles are too thin. No strength. However, the price made up for the loss. What’s your take on bamboo needles?

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I’ve only tried one fairly large size. It was like nails on a chalk board to me.

Same here. They are also rough and frequently snag the yarn and stitches don’t always release easily. I researched what people had to say before I bought the Birchwood. They are smooth And not expensive and I just knit my first project in 37 years,( I’m also a local potter,) and the needles released stitches beautifully and they don’t snag. You can get them in all sizes and I am happy to be knitting again.

Small wooden needles are fragile and can break. I suggest getting a knitting needle protector like this. The ends are silicone (I think) and you can put the needles in each end. I also suggest a knitting bag and not your purse. It will be more protective of your needles and your project won’t snag on keys, combs etc.

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That’s a great idea. Thank you.

My tension is nonexistent, so I appreciate the grip of bamboo on my stitches–metal needles shoot right out of my knitting. But yeah, anything below a 3 is prone to snapping.

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Hi there,
I used bamboo knitting needles when I first started knitting and found the bigger size easy to learn with had no problem with them.
Different story with the thinner needles found that they bend too much and one needel splintered and snagged my knitting the splintered wood caught my finger.

ilike hiya hiya steel cicrular needls

The same thing happened to me! I bought two sets of circular bamboo needles for about 3$ a set (can’t remember if it was from ebay or aliexpexpress)
And if not for the price I would be utterly disappointed. One of the thinner needles broke just because I accidentally put a book on it, and the rest are pretty flimsy… The wood chips keep getting caught in the yarn ;~;