Bamboo and Tie Dye

Okay first question, has anyone ever tried spinning with Bamboo? I have some trees out in my backyard and wondered if it was possible. (not that I have a spinning wheel…yet)

Secondly, is it possible to felt wool…then tie dye it?

Bamboo makes a beautifull yarn, but I’m not sure how its processed to get to the fiber for spinning stage.

I’m not sure about tie Dyeing, but it sounds like you could do that. I know you can dye it before, so why not after.

I don’t know anything about preparing fresh bamboo for spinning. But it has to be able to be done, right?

You can dye wool after it’s felted, but the fabric will be dense and thick. Tie it off very tightly to get a good tie dye effect.

Unfortunately, bamboo spinning fiber is made from dissolving the bamboo, probably in pulp form, in a chemical bath and extruding it through spinnerets like how rayon is made, and isn’t something that can be done at home.

I have heard that bamboo can be retted, scutched, and spun like flax, which is a complicated process but possible to do yourself, though I have never actually seen bamboo yarn or fiber prepared this way.

If it is even possible, the resulting yarn would most likely resemble flax or hemp and would not be anything like the silky bamboo everyone’s familiar with.