Bamboo...airline safe?

I know that Denise are, but I wondered about bamboo. Thank you!

Yes, they are. Actually, most airlines don’t even stop you for metal ones these days, from what I’ve heard. :wink:

Thank you Julie! :thumbsup:

Bamboo are safe. I just took 5 pair of woodens on a plane last week. Wouldn’t chance the metals, tho…they made me stow those.

I believe it is still up to the guard’s discretion. If it were me I’d bring a self-addressed, stamped bubble-envelope to hand to someone to please ship them to you if necessary. So if they do get denied, you’ll at least get them back! It’s a good idea to have such an envelope with you anyway, just in case you forget to take your expensive swiss army knife off your keychain or something.


Has happened before…oh so brilliant soon-to-be ex-Sforbrains brought his 4 inch buck knife to airport.