Baltimore, anyone?

:sun: A newbie from Silver Spring, MD checking in!


check out my Catonsville Knits website for the date for the sit and knit in March!!! :slight_smile:

hate to be so convoluded about it, but I don’t want just ANYBODY showing up ya know? :slight_smile:

I’m in the Burtonsville/ Colesville area. offical PO is SIlver Spring, but I’m not in the city of SS. I’d be willing to wander to ellicot city, columbia or Arundel Mills to sit and knit with friends… MKZ

xxx :verysad: :heart:

Hi I am from Maryland, live in Owings Mills…I have been looking for a knitting “group” of almost beginners or a little more…I am wanting to make socks, but can only find shops that want 75 bucks for lessons…UGH…



I’ve emailed you!!! I can take care of you for MUCH less than that!!!

Wow… didn’t know there were so many from here… I’m from Dundalk. I know there’s a group that meets to knit on Tuesdays, but that’s Cub Scout night for me, so I haven’t been yet…

Nice to “meet” you all…


[COLOR=royalblue]OTN: Cable Patch Afghan, too many dishcloths to count… [/COLOR]

Hey what happened to your website? I wanted to check out your classes.

Hey I want to be in th group- I’ll be i nTowson.

Psst … I started us a facebook to see if it goes anywhere … :pray::??
Group Name: MDK
(I know, I know; it’s just soooo original.) :teehee:

New to knitting here in the Balto/Annapolis area. Currently knitting - you guessed it - a scarf. :thumbsup:

Woolstock in Glyndon, MD isn’t too far from the border. They have a nice selection (although a bit cluttered due to an impending show) and I liked the laid-back atmosphere.
They were super nice, too.

Welcome Violet !! :thumbsup:

The Mannings is in East Berlin, PA. It’s about a half hour west of York. They have a great supply of yarn.

Greetings, all - from Baltimore Co, Parkville/Carney to be precise.

I work about a mile from Fort McHenry in Locust Point.

Hi Mirl :waving:

I live half a mile from Locust Point in Riverside Park. I take lessons at A Good Yarn, the shop in Fells Point.

Born, raised, in Silver Spring. Worked in Montgomery County and Maryland State governments. Retired to St. Mary’s County. Found 2! knitting groups down here, really nice folks.

Love knitting with friends! And crocheting. And tatting. And needlepointing. And punch-needle rug making. And-and-and!


Hey guys. I just joined the forum, and I recently taught myself to knit. I have the basics, but there are a few technicalities that I could use some help on. Tension is one of them.

If anyone is in the Parkville/Carney/or White Marsh area, I would love to meet up with you!

I live in Mt. Washington. 21209. There a nice knit shop Lovely Yarns in Hamden that has a Saturday knit and b**ch, (rhythms with knit)
and a place in Catonsville on Mellor Avenue off of Frederick Road that has great yarns and good classes.
Good luck with the hobby.

Helloooo, I’m in Dundalk!

KnittingNovice, do you know about the knitting group that meets at the Panera in Nottingham (by the Target and Dicks)? They have a ravelry group–White Marsh Knitting Gals, I believe. I went to college with one of the members, and I’ve only been able to make it to knit night (tuesday) twice… but they seem nice!

Pjss, I might have to check out the shoop in Hamden… the Fells shop is close to me, but I haven’t been there since I moved back to the area ( a year ago) because parking is such a PITA!