Balthazar Vest FO

Hey Hey Peoples :slight_smile:

This is my first Finished Object post. The disastrous Balthazar Vest from Twinkles Big City Knits.

I got right through to seaming the back & Front arm sections the first time, but had to totally frog it back to the beginning because i’d tried to modify the pattern for a larger size and ended up making something that probably would have fit an elephant! (thats what i get for not taking the math side of it seriously!!)

So the second time round I followed the pattern not totally as written but a lot closer! Only problem is that i’d read about other people having problems with the 1x1 hem not being very flattering over thier hips so i did 2x2 ribbing instead and increased the number of cast on sts which i then reduced by k2tog (i think about 7 times) to get back to the original CO number (or close enough anyway).

Consequently the ribbing wasn’t too tight but it never really reached my hips cos it was WAAAAY too short and it slanted upwards where the V joins are. To correct this I had to pick up stitches along the cast on edge… which is what created the line you see in the pic. I tried dozens of ways to pick up stitches but they all resulted in this line… I guess that’s what you get for needing to stitch in the opposite direction.


I should have done a provisional cast on but I wasnt thinking that far ahead!!

I also didnt cast off any stitches for the back, i kept them live on a holder until it came time to join the front sections to the back and grafted them togther (like you do with the toe of a sock) which gives a seamless join and looked much better then when i joined them the first time (which got frogged!)


Thanks for looking!

That is cool. I ought to stick that in my queue for me. That way I might remember it!

If you hadn’t mentioned the line in the bottom ribbing and I would of just thought that was part of the design. The vest looks comfy and cuddly!

Wow, what a lot of effort went into this vest, but what a cute pattern! I like the color. It looks very soft – what yarn did you use? I’d love to make this one – thanks for posting!

That is very cute… I love the color!!! :thumbsup:

Well after all your trials and tribulations it looks fantastic to me! Your mistakes actually look part of the design, it’s lovely:cheering:

It looks fabulous! :thumbsup:

It looks lovely!

It looks great and the line at the bottom looks like it belongs there.

I really like that pattern…is it for sale somewhere? Also the yarn looks like it might be SWS, yes/no?