Ballet Wrap Cardigan

I want to knit the Ballet Wrap Cardigan from the Winter 2005 Interweave knits. My dilemna comes in determining which size to knit. I have a 36 inch bust, and 26 inch waist. My size choice would either by 34 1/2 or the next up is 40. Any advice? Will it matter that much if it’s a wrap cardigan???

I can’t wait for someone to answer this! I really don’t understand how to find the best formula for bust measurements either!:??
I’m making a sweater for my mother and I need an answer also. She is 37 inches around by the tape measure.

I know that you are not suppose to use the bra “band” size. I think even though it is a wrap around that you are making, it is still very important to have the right size!

Anyone out there with an answer???


I know from sewing that you definately measure around the fullest part of your bust and NOT the band size.

o.k. this isn’t really the answer you are looking for, but until someone answers, I didn find this site that shows how to measure the different measurements of the bust. go to

scroll down to Lessons: How to measure


here’s another one and might be closer to the answer


Do you have a link to the pattern? I don’t know what it is exactly.

But I think you would make it the bigger size but then wrap it as tight as you want, right?

Here’s a link to purchase the pattern (pic included).
By the list of measurements, I’d need the whole ballet company.

Yeah, i would make it the bigger size because you can tie it as tightly as you want, but if it’s too small it will be hard to wear.

A way to cheat - knit the smaller size with larger needles. Or the larger size with smaller needles, though that might be too tight a knit and you’re closer to the smaller size anyway. And it’s better to measure a sweater that fits you (usually like the pattern, but you probably don’t have one around) and use that measurement rather than your bust size.

I agree with suzeeq!

Hereis a good site that talks about fit, though it deals a bit more with standard style sweaters.