Ballet Socks

I want to knit a pair of, what I call, ballet socks.
I saw a picture of them a while back but don’t remember what they might really be called.
They look like a regular sock with ribbing at the top but then there is no heel and no toe.
My niece is a ballerina and I think she would love a pair of these.
The dancer puts her ballet slipper on first and then this ‘ballet sock’ goes on over top holding the slipper in place and protecting the arch of her foot.
Does anyone know where I might find a pattern for this?
I have no idea how to make a sock without a heel or a toe…
Thanks, everyone!
TEMA :knitting:

They may also be referred to as yoga socks, pedicure socks, toeless socks or toeless leg warmers.

Yoga socks! Several patterns are out there including:

You could extend and widen the leg portion if you’d like a longer leg.

Stirrup socks, too.

I haven’t used either of the patterns in the links, when I made a pair for my granddaughter I couldn’t find a pattern because I didn’t know what to look for and just started a sock without a toe and then didn’t work a heel. I bound off the stitches across the back and cast on the same number to continue working up the ankle. Hers ended up long enough to go several inches above her knees. I worked them (no) toe up.

[COLOR=“Purple”]Thank you all so much for replying and helping me out with this.
I had a look at all of them and picked one out to do for her. She’s going to love them!
I’ll post a picture when I get them knitted.
Hugs to you all,
TEMA :thumbsup: [/COLOR]