Ballet Slippers

Hello All!

I found a link for these adorable crochet ballet slippers for my kid for the holiday. I understand the general idea of the abbreviations based on the link from this site (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!) but I am still confused. Would anyone be willing to look at that pattern and try to help me understand it?


I’m happy to help, but you’ll have to let me know what’s tripping you up with the wording. Go ahead and copy just the bit that confuses you.

I really appreciate your help!

Well, here is the first paragraph:

SOLE (Make 2) . . . Starting at center with Red, ch 30 (36-42).
[This means to make a chain of 30 crochet stiches, right?]

1st rnd:
[Does this mean I circle back around the origional 30 stiches?]

3 sc in 2nd ch from hook,
[3 single crochet in 2nd chain from hook–I am not sure what that means . . ]

sc in next 15 (18-21) ch,
[single crochet in next 15 chains?]

dc in next 12 (15-18) ch;
[double crochet in next 12 chains?]

make 7 dc in last ch (toe end);
[make 7 double crochet in last chain–should be up by the toe, I am guessing]

working along opposite side of starting chain, make dc in next 12 (15-18) ch,

sc in next 15 (18-21) ch,

2 sc in same place as first 3 sc were made.

Who am I kidding? I am really confused. Would you mind translating this thing into English for me?
Thanks! LOL :thinking:

So, sounds like you’re making an oval shape for the sole. Don’t panic!! You’re on the right track!

Chain 30

The following instructions will form your first round:

You have a loop on your hook, you have a chain dangling from it. Count back two loops from the one on the hook, single crochet 3 times into that loop

single crochet in the next 15 chains

double crochet in the next 12 chains (if you don’t know how to do these stitches, go to, they have good pictures)

in the last loop, double crochet 7 times (yes, all in that one space, trust me)

now you keep going down the other side of the original chain (think of an oval shaped rag rug)

double crochet in next 12

single crochet in next 15

2 single crochet into the loop that you made the first 3 single crochets

You absolutely read it correctly. Crochet is REALLY a much more simple skill than knitting. I was able to teach myself. And the very best part is that if you make a mistake, you just carefully pull it back out loop by loop to get back to fix it. I wish it were that easy in knitting!

Good luck!!

That makes so much more sense! Thank you! I can’t wait to get started!

Hello Sara - here is the rest of the pattern . . . would you translate thi for me as well???

:thinking: :heart: :XX:

UPPER . . . Starting at back with Red, make a ch slightly longer than outer edge of sole, having an even number of chains. Join with sl st.

1st rnd: Ch 1, in same place as sl st make sc, ch 3 and sc; * skip next 3 ch, in next ch make sc, ch 3 and sc; skip next 2 ch, in next ch make sc, ch 3 and sc. Repeat from * around. Join to first sc. Break off.

2nd rnd: Attach White to first loop, in each loop around make sc, ch 3 and sc. join to first sc. Break off.

3rd rnd: Attach Black to first loop, work in pattern around. Join. Break off’.

4th rnd: Attach Red to first loop, work in pattern around. Join. Break off.

Now that you’ve finished the sole, you’re going to make the upper separately and then attach the two pieces.

You need to make another chain, the length of which is a little longer than the circumference of the completed sole (longer by just a few) while still having an even number of loops. Now join the chain into a circle with a slip stitch into the first loop. This point will be the back of the slipper.

ch 1, then in the same first loop you just sl stitched in: sc, ch3, sc

any directions between asterisks should be repeated as directed

I think that the rest is pretty self explanatory, if you run into more trouble, you can post another question. PM me if you need to, although I’m on here more than I should be anyway. :wink:

I’ve not really investigated this pattern before. I think it’s a poor way to make slippers, but a nice shape. Congrats on trying some crochet, though! :smiley:

Update on the slippers!

I used a needle that was way too big, so I had to improvise quite a bit. Here is a pick though, as well as a pick of some booties I made for my toddler. I used the sample from the videos on how to turn the heel of a sock for the little ones, and then crocheted the top. Thanks again for all the help! :smiley: