Ballet Camisole

I´m working on the ballet camisole and am just about to start the increase rows. It says to “M1” - now, can I just increase with a “knit into the front and back” or should I do the M1?

If I do the M1, I need to pay attention to whether I´m doing an M1R or M1L, right? So, how would I know if I need a M1R or M1L? :think:


Yes. You can do any of the above. If you’d rather do kfb, that’s fine. If you want to do a M1, you don’t really have to match them.

KFB leaves a little bar, but it can be an attractive design feature. Whatever you choose be consistent and you’ll be fine.

Thanks for the help!!!

I¨ll probably do the kfb because it seems easier to me, but I´m wondering about the M1. The M1R or M1L aren´t “directional” - that they would increase towards one side or another? So it wouldn´t matter if I did, for example, all M1R? I thought I would have to do a M1R on one side of the top, and a M1L on the other to make the increase smooth etc. Have I got it wrong? :??


I believe they are “directional” in that one leans left and one leans right. If you are doing paired increases these would be good. That being said I have done the KFB on raglans for paired increases and they still look nice as you have the little bar every other row on both sides.
Here’s Amy’s videos and a good visual for increases.

They are paired, but I’ve done just one of them (M1R, I think?) across something and it doesn’t lean to one side or the other any more than doing kfb. If you’re going to place the increases on top of each other you might want to do them L and R, but it’s up to you.

Egads, I can really make a mountain out of a molehill… :eyes:

So, if the increases are going to be above one another, it would be a better idea to do one row to the left and one to the right?

Thanks a bunch for helping me out - you guys are the best!!! :cheering:


( Unfortunately I¨ve got dial-up, so I can`t watch the videos…)

It’s really a personal choice. I’m not sure where these increases are on the top you’re making, but here is a shot of the little sweater I made with double KFB increases.

That´s really cute Jan!!!

Thanks again for your help Jan and Sue - time for bed here in Spain, but will have to work on my cami first thing in the morning! :happydance:


So, if the increases are going to be above one another, it would be a better idea to do one row to the left and one to the right?

Nooo… when the increases are one above the other, but paired together, as in raglan seams, then you would do one to the R and one to the L - on the same row. Then incs would be the same direction as the ones below them.

Kinda like this…?
\ /
\ /
\ /

heykaren: Do you have a link for that pattern?

It could be this one - [SIZE=-1][/SIZE]

That´s the one Sue!

Here you go Sugarfunpouch:


I´m moving very slowly on this top ( work just seems to keep getting in the way… ) and I had to take out a bunch of rows, but I realized that I don`t know how to measure the armholes - can someone explain that to me? Do you measure it along the curve of the armhole, or straight up, as if the measuring tape were running through the middle of the sleeve? :??


Straight up from the row where the first BOs are made.

Thanks Sue! :thumbsup: