Ballet Cami - WIP

Working on finishing the upper back of the Ballet Cami.

KP Shine Sport in Grass. :slight_smile:

You’re doing such a nice job! It looks great!

Nice color! I can’t wait to see the FO! :thumbsup:

very nice :thumbsup:

Excellent progress, and what a great color!

Looking great!

thanks everyone!

it’s finished now - just need to get a picture. =)

Well done you! Your stitch work is flawless :heart: I love that colour & that yarn looks so nice - can’t wait to see a finished picture!

Can’t wait to see it! I wish I could have stuck with this one, but I couldn’t handle the endless rounds of stockinette.

I’m sure yours is beautiful! :smiley:

Love the color! Great work!

Ooooh, that will be so pretty! I love the color!

WOW–look at your stitches–they’re so very even–and I like the color very :cheering: much!! Yay for you!