Ballet Cami: WAD

WAD = Work Almost Done :teehee:

I started this project ages ago and as it neared completion I realized it was going to be too big. I really like the yarn and the pattern though so I ripped and reknit in a smaller size. Now I think it’s a little too form fitting but there was no in between size and I’m not up to knitting it again… maybe I can stretch it a bit when I block it.

Anyway, the yarn is Cascade Pima Tencel, and the pattern is free on Ravelry (it used to be on Magknits). I still have to block it, do a crochet edging around the neckline and sleeve openings (yikes!!), and then put in a little piece of elastic yarn to gather the front.

I don’t have any elastic or a small enough crochet hook, so it’s still a WAD. :mrgreen: I’ll post a pic of the front when I get it to be a FO!

Wow, it looks great.

That looks great from the back anyway! :teehee:

Looks nice!

I think it fits perfectly!!

Looks lovely on you :slight_smile:

The cami is really cute on you.

I didn’t realize that pattern had a crochet edge on it. Should set it off nicely.

It looks great (from the back). Can’t wait to see the finished project.

Looks like a perfect fit to me! Very nice work. Can’t wait to see the front.

In my opinion, it looks great on you.

Looks great from the back. I was just looking at that yarn on line, yesterday. How does it feel? Does it feel like Tencel?

That is so cute. I think it fits you nicely.

I like the yarn. It is very soft and it seems to drape nicely. Actually one of my coworkers who doesn’t knit was petting it one day and she really liked it. It is 50% cotton though, so it doesn’t have much give and can be hard on your hands. I had to reknit a large portion and I found that the yarn seemed to shed/ pill a lot. It’s definitely going to be a handwash in cold water piece.

If I made it again I’d probably use something cheaper. But maybe not as cheap as my dishcloth cotton Sugar & Cream. :wink:

I really want to get that crochet edge done but this week has been horrendous at work and I have been too tired to stop by Michael’s on the way home to get a smaller hook. The smallest I have is a G, I’m guessing I’ll need about an E for this. Maybe on Sunday since I finally have 1 night off… :woohoo:

:happydance: lookin good!