Ballband Dishcloth

Hello wonderful knitters!
After a few attempts at dishcloths, I want to make eco-friendly swiffer covers for friends and family. It uses the Ballband Dishcloth pattern, and I am lost!
So far I have
Row 1:Color A knit
Row 2 :Color A Purl
Row 3: Color B(Whoa how do I add this in??) K4 Slip 1K5 Slip1 Continue between*across to last 4 stitches k4
I have watched video on how to add in a new color, but when it starts a new row what do you recomend? And after I add the 2nd color i knit 4, the purlwise slip stitch for 5 and repeat until last 4 stitches and I knit those, does this sound right?
the link for the project is
Thanks for any feedback!!:think: :think:

Looks good to me, what you’re doing. Thanks for the pattern. Should save a lot of money (and the environment) to use these instead of those throw-away ones.

To change colors and begin a row w/the new color, just drop the old color and start using the new one. Leave 3-4" of the new color so you can tighten up the stitches and weave in the ends.

When I’ve made the dishcloth (one of my favorites) I don’t cut the old yarn when changing colors, just carry it up the side until I need that color again.

And you’re only slipping 1 stitch, not 5.

Marilyn is correct… you only slip ONE stitch.

Great pattern! I wonder if you used microfiber yarn if they would attract more dust. I would think cotton would just mostly push the dust around. :think:

Thank you!!!

I have a friend who was cleaning offices for a living. She gave me a tip for swiffers to help hold more dust instead of suspending it in the air. She adds just a quick spray of furniture polish to the swiffer and it holds a lot more dust and less of it goes into the air to settle back on the furniture. I would think that it would work for knitted cloths as well.

lol that’s really cute. I’m starting to think when us knitters get bored everything needs a cozy.

:roflhard: :roflhard:

Thanks for the info. I went to the link but I couldn’t find the “Textured Slip Stitch” it says is the same??