Ballband Dishcloth

OK, so I spent the day going to Micheal’s and stoking up on sugar & cream yarns, then the library to get the Mason-Dixon book, then I get home and see it uses size 7 which I thought I had, anyways, I have a size 6 and a size 8. I don’t want to buy anymore needles, cause I think Santa is bringing me N.P.O. set. Should I use the smaller or larger size, does it really matter?

Shouldn’t matter too much. I’ve heard you can get 2 rags out of a ball of S&C so you can make one of each and see which you like better.

I haven’t made that dishcloth, but on others I made I used a slightly larger needle. When they were knit too tighly with that yarn they seemed like they never dried. Sue’s idea is a good one, try both and see which one you like. :wink:

I’ve made several ballbands, and personally I like using a size 6 for dishcloths. I like that the fabric is a little tighter because it makes a better dishcloth, in my opinion!

True, knitgal. The cloths knit with large needles don’t hold up very well when using them. They get holes, and are a pain to wash dishes with.