Ballband Dishcloth question

My first attempt at two colors.

Can someone who has knitted this pattern tell me what to do with Yarn A for four rows. I’ve tried twisting A and B and trying to work the yarn between the first and second stitch to avoid carrying it loosely for four rows.

Any suggestions? If you know of any video footage on the procedure, please share.


I did that dishcloth not too long ago and plan to do it again soon. I just twisted the 2 up the side and had no trouble with that method.

What is happening when you twist it?

I think the twisting probably looks the best. I just wanted to know if there was a better way.


Here’s a picture of the edge with me twisting the yarn. I hope the picture isn’t to big, but big enough to see. I have to remember which way I twist, so it will look more even in the future…

Here’s a picture of the cloth. My first attempt at two colors. I’m pleased and it was fun.

Your ballband dishcloth turned out great! I like your colors.

Great job!! This was also the first thing I knit with two colors, and I also had trouble figuring out what to do with the “extra” yarn. Yours came out very nice.

It looks great!!!

I have two favorite dishcloth patterns and that’s one of 'em. Yours looks terrific!! Great colors!

Nonni :cheering:

Thanks for the kind words. I’m wanting to try it again real soon.