Ball winding help please!

I’ve just purchased two skeins of Manos del Uruguay in Wildflowers. It has come as a hank (I think, I’ve never purchased this sort of yarn before–mine has always been in balls). And as such, I have no idea how to make this usable. I’ve done a quick search here, but didn’t find specific answers to my questions. I do not have a swift or a ball winder, so how do I go about making this into a ball?

I’m going to be making “My So-called Scarf” with this yarn and I’m very excited!! Any advice you can give me will be much appreciated.



Amy has a video on how to make a center-pull ball in the basic techniques section. (It’s near the bottom.) :thumbsup: If the yarn is in hank form, you’ll want to make sure to drape it over something to keep it from getting tangled while you’re winding. Placing it on something that revolves, like a swivel chair or lamp shade will make your work a bit easier, but is not necessary. I used stationary chairs and even my knees before I got a swift.

I use Amy’s center pull ball winder technique all the time. It works great!

Thank you ladies (and Amy!) for the point in the right direction. I just wound my FIRST center pull ball. And it was easy peasy!!!

You guys are so awesome here!

SBP :cheering: :cheering:

I have some of that yarn, it is beeeeeeyooooouuuuutifful stuff!