Ball Winders?

Okay. I see some of you own ball winders. What kind do you own? And I have a very newbie question… Does all yarn need to be wound?



Yarn that comes in a long, twisty hank really needs to be wound. If it isn’t, it will very likely become one big pile of yarn slobber.

Regular skeins don’t necessarily need to be wound into balls, but I don’t like having the surprise of knots or tangles that show up while I’m knitting. I wind all my yarn into center pull balls as I get ready to knit it.

I have a yarn swift, but I’ve never used it. I use the winder at my LYS, since it’s just across the road.

You can wind yarn into a regular ball – you don’t “need” a ball winder. If you buy a ball winder, you might as well get a swift too, as you need something to hold the skein of yarn while you’re winding it. The Royal is the most typically available ball winder – it’s around $39, and you can get a coupon for 40% off at AC Moore or JoAnn’s.

:smiley: I just got my ball winder, it’s a Royal & I LOVE it! Although, unlike most guys with winders, I don’t have a swift, I’ve not run into any problems without one. Before I had my ball winder I did wind all of my yarn into balls bc I enjoy knitting with yarn that is in a ball (I pop it in a ziploc bag, snip the corner for the yarn to feed thru & I’m good to go :wink: ) & a ball winder sure makes it easier :wink:

I use my Thumb, and my Mom has ALL the tools and kits and she wants me to teach her how to do a CPB like Ilearned on this site


My Christmas gift from my parents last year was a ball winder (Royal) and a wooden swift! It’s fun to use, and very convenient! :thumbsup:

WOOHOO! I just got a ball winder (Royal) for Mother’s Day! I already wound all of my skeins and it was fantastic. They have a flat bottom (unlike myself) so they won’t roll around and they are center pull. It was completely a luxury but that’s what gifts are all about!