Ball winder

I am looking for a ball winder. Does anyone have any recommendations on where and what to buy? Thanks has ball winders and if you use this promotion code you can get one for 50 % off. FEBEJ650 I bought one about three days ago :muah:

I was looking at the joann one but it has such mixed reviews I didn’t order it.

I think those are the two the majority of people on here have. This one is also the one at all the LYS that i go to so they get WAY more use than mine does. I have never had any real trouble with mine. The worst that has happened for me is to have it come off the table when i was using it. That is my own fault for not making sure it was still tight and it has only happened about 3 times since i have started using it. Could i say it would never break? well of course not but if i was going to gift a knitting friend with something i would happily gift them with that without fear!

i just bought a ball winder on ebay.

I got mine from the Oregon Wood Worker. It’s the royal ball winder and was the best price I’ve found…it is so nice…I love it!

Merry :)[/size]

royal winder :thumbsup:

I have the JoAnn one and am not completely happy with it. I’m waiting until I get my swift to see if it behaves better. But I wound a couple of balls of yarn that I had already wound by hand from hanks into balls using the JoAnn swift. The arm the yarn guide is on doesn’t lock in position no matter how far out I pull it and after a while it falls over and you have to put it back up or catch it as it’s leaning. I ordered my swift a week ago so when i get it, if the ball winder arm somehow doesn’t fall down in conjunction with it, i’ll post again and let you know.

which joann one do you have? I BELIEVE that the one that is pictured in black and white on their site is the Royal winder but not positive. Someone who bought directly from them would know that, of course.

Yes, the black & white pic IS the Royal Ball winder. I bought it using a 50% off coupon + a gift card that my sister gave me so I got it with no money out of my pocket. :slight_smile: I love my ball winder, and I can’t wait until I can buy a swift too.

well I ordered one from Joann with a 40 % coupon. It really has mixed reviews. If I’m not happy with it I won’t hesitate to send it back

If I can ask a silly question…

Whats the big benefit of a yarn winder? I wind mine by hand, and seem to have no problems with the results… :??

I have the joann one. Haven’t had any problem with it! :shrug:

I am wanting a ball winder because I have a very large sweater that I want to unravel and reuse the yarn. A winder will make this much quicker

I got a Royal Winder for Christmas, and I LOVE it! It hasn’t given me a lick of trouble, and I’ve wound up about 12 sweaters’ worth of yarn with it.