Ball winder

I’m looking at the one on knitpicks. Also have seen a few on ebay. Is there a difference from one brand to another? Or should I just keep rolling by hand and save myself some $$$$?

I love this board.

I love my ball winder. I have the blue and white Royal I got at Jo Ann’s with a discount coupon. Go for it, you’ll be glad to have those little cakes.

i wouldn’t want to be without mine…especially after the mess i made of some of my silk yarn this weekend being too lazy to go wind it properly.

i wouldn’t get it there though. i would go here and get this one and use their 50% off coupon today! :thumbsup:

the code is AUGH650 and it ends thursday night at midnight (thursday into friday)

Ball winders are the BEST toy! I think we had a discussion about this not too long ago…I think the consensus was Royal for value/ease of use

Oh, my…I LOVE my yarn winder I don’t know why I waited a year and a half after I began knitting before getting one! Actually, I didn’t get it, Lonnie surprised me with mine. I have a Royal…it’s the best IMHO

I finally got my ball winder a couple of days ago. I’m actually looking forward to finishing the handmade center pull ball I’m working with now so I can use my new toy.

I wish my Joann’s carried them in the store. That way I could have just use my 40% coupon AND have instant gratification! Plus, I hate paying shipping!