Ball Winder Sale and free ship

The ball winder at Joann’s is on sale for $29.99 and if you use the code NOVFSH50 you also get free shipping. I just ordered it and the total was $32.09.
That is a good price from what I have been finding,

Thanks for the info! I will soon be the happy owner of a ball winder.

do they sell these things in the actual store? I dont recall ever seeing them, but dangit, I wish I’d seen them in the store. :thinking:

i got mine from my LYS. i paid only about 3 bucks more for it at the store than i would have at the LYS so i decided the instant gratification was worth the 3 bucks! :wink:

I have never seen the ball winders at the Joann’s store. I was going to ask at my local yarn shop as I saw her using one once but I saw this sale and thought it was going to be a better price.
Kimmie, glad you got one on order. :slight_smile:

oh yes, let me say, never have i seen them at the Joann’s store. My Joann’s is getting better but in general doesn’t have much that i like or want in terms of knitting supplies.

And while they show up for $29.99 on JoAnn’s website, Amazon shows a link to JoAnn’s with it priced at $49.99 – I went there to put it on my wish list. I didn’t check to see if the discount comes through if you actually buy it but I suspect you can only get the discount from JoAnn’s.

[color=darkblue]It was just a ONE day sale which was yesterday. It now is on sale for the sale price it had the day before that which is $39.99.