Ball Winder Review?

I am contemplating purchasing a ball winder from Joann online with a 50% off coupon. It is the winder that sells for $49.99 (table clamp on style). Does anyone else have this winder, and are you happy? The reviews seem OK, but there are several that say the quality is not great. Still…with 50% off I’d get it for $25.00…

BTW, the coupon code is MARER750 - but it does expire today or tomorrow.

the last time i looked at those reviews it seemed like the ones that had complaints were several years old. I can’t recall that for sure but that is my recollection.

i love my ball winder and if this one broke i would get the same one (it’s the one that is in black and white in the pic on their site.) My LYS uses the same one and it gets tons of use. In my mind, if it can withstand the LYS use, then it is good enough for home use. :thumbsup:

I’m contemplating the same one…but was concerned by the reviews!!

I saw two ball winders on the Joann’s site. If it’s the Royal ball winder, I’ve got it, and I LOVE IT! I’ve wound probably 3 dozen balls, and it hasn’t given me a bit of trouble.

I use the Royal one too, and haven’t ever had a bit of trouble with it!

The Royal one works like a champ. I’ve used it for over 6 months…no problems.

I use the royal ball winder…

…for myself and my business- I treat it pretty nice, and no problems. Mine gets bounced around all sorts of places- last night it was at a friends while helping with winding recycled yarn from a sweater for a friend.

…to wind thousands and thousands of yards of yarn for an internship- other people aren’t so nice to the winders and they are still with us.

…in the knitting shop I work at- there is lots of grinding of the gears (which I believe are plastic) and some really awful noises that come from the back sometimes when people aren’t winding very carefully, and yet we’ve had the same ballwinder for the last 6 months I’ve been there, and it gets pretty heavy use.

The winders are on sale - is the 50% off coupon good on sale items? How do you use the Winder without the Swift?

You can use the coupon on the sale item but they take it off the regular price.

I have a Royal ball winder and hate it. A 100 g. skein of yarn needs to be wound into at least 2 balls. Last fall I took the plunge and bought a hand-made ball winder from, and absolutely love it. It cost about $85 Cdn., but it will be a once in a lifetime purchase and worth every penny. It can take a 250 g skein of mohair and wind it into 1 glorious ball.

This isn’t the case with my Royal Ball winder. I got 2 hanks of Malabrigo wound into one ball on mine, and malabrigo comes in 100 g hanks.

This isn’t the case with my Royal Ball winder. I got 2 hanks of Malabrigo wound into one ball on mine, and malabrigo comes in 100 g hanks.[/quote]

Do they come in different sizes? I can’t imagine getting anywhere near that much on mine, and I’ve heard the same comment from other people.

I don’t know if they come in different sizes. the one I have I bought from (the b&w pic, the one on sale for $39.99)

Thanks for all the great reviews :slight_smile: . I ended up ordering it with the 50% off coupon. Shipping was around $7, but still a great deal. I can’t wait to get it!