Ball winder question

Okay, I haven’t been using my ball winder because I’m not threading the yarn thru the metal loops right. They showed me at the LYS, but of course, I forgot…

Can anyone explain this to me?



as far as I know, the metal loop is just a guide - thread your yarn through as though threading a regular needle - and place the yarn end in the notches of the cone on the winder

I tried to explain this and to video this. My explanation was crazy convoluted for some reason and the video didn’t work because i can’t thread it one handed…lol.

Basically I start holding the tail taught to the right of the loop (this is assuming you have the yarn on the swift already) and bring the end under the loop (while still holding the rest of it to the right of the loop) up in between the two loops (that little spot that makes it look sort of like a spring) and back down under the tail of the loop. It should be in through the loops at that point and then i plant it firmly in the little holder spot on the stem and start cranking. I wish i could give a better explanation… this all sounds silly but it is how i do it.