Ball winder help

My cheapo knit picks ball winder that I’ve had for several years comes loose when attached to tables etc. I screw that sucker on well. I lost the handle (don’t like using it anyway. )

I did email KP to ask if there’s something I can do.

I think I need a new, better ball winder. Suggestions? Thank you.

I recently purchased a Boye ball winder from Lincraft. It is an electronic ball winder and will stick to your table or surface you are working on. I got mine on sale for sixty dollars, but they are around seventy to eighty dollars online. Cheap ball winders don’t always last as long as there warranty says they should so if it is under warranty you could get it replaced, but considering you don’t like using your current machine it may be time to get a new one.

I hope I helped! :aww: