Balaclava pattern?

does anyone know where I can find a balaclava pattern? mom’s partner wants one, so I’m going to do him one in hot pink :yay:

Is it bad that I saw this topic and thought to myself, “Mmmm, baklava…”?

[B]Here you go Lap TopKnitter!

Knitted Helmetliner (or Balaclava)
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Directions Materials: approx 200 yds lightweight wool or wool blend (worsted or DK weight). DO NOT USE ACRYLIC AS IT PROVIDES NO WARMTH. Directions for worsted first and DK inside parentheses.
size 5 and 7 (5 and 6) needles in 16" circular and doublepoints matching the larger size.
NOTEL: if making for the troops, select yarn that is black, dark brown, olive, dark gray, navy… BLACK IS PREFERRED

With SMALLER needle, cast on 88 (96) stitches and join in the round. Work in K2 P2 rib for 5 inches. Now you will separate for the face opening:
Using the LARGER circular needle, KNIT 40 (48) stitches. Leave remaining neck stitches on a holder or the needle they are already on (might be cumbersome). Cast on 48 stitches and continue in just KNIT for another 4 inches. Begin decreasing for top of head, changing to double pointed needles when necessary:
round 1 - K10, K2tog around
round 2 - knit
round 3 - K9, K2tog around
round 4 - knit
round 5 - K8, K2tog
repeat in this manner until 12 stitches remain. Thread yarn through all stitches and pull up tightly. Fasten off.

Face opening: place live neck stitches back on smaller needle if you put them on a holder. Pick up stitches around top knit portion (48 sts) and work in K2P2 rib for 2 rounds. Decrease 6 stitches in next row by purling 2 together every 8 stitches. Work another 2 rows in new pattern. Bind off loosely.


[B]Go here for the picture.


I thought the exact same thing… I was like [I]wow that is a really specific request. If someone started asking me for knit baklava I would have to tell them that I’ve forgotten how to knit[/I] Good luck telling my baklava from my apple turnover :wink:


Thanks so much guys - he’ll love it!

Okay, I’m glad to know I’m not the only person who read balaclava and thought baklava as well. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that that was what those things were called. This is a GREAT idea for me to knit up for my bro, dad, and DH for them to use when they go hunting in the winter. GROOVY! Thank you. And hey, I learned a new word today!

Have a splendid day, everyone!

[B]Your all NT ALONE on thinking Baklava!


LOL-I still do that! hehehe