Balaclava knitting confusion

I am a new knitter and am knitting a balaclava. I am now knitting the hood opening trim but i’m completely lost on what to do. How do I slip stitches from a stitch holder to circular needles from right to left? Pick up and knit ( approximately 2 sts for every 3 rows )? I do not understand the following pattern at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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What is the name and designer of your pattern?

The 10 stitches on hold should be slipped to the right hand needle.
Now start picking up sts using 2 strands of yarn. The easiest way to keep on track is to divide the area where sts are to be picked up into sections with stitch markers or safety pins or scraps of yarn. Pick up about 2sts for every 3 rows. The instructions are telling you about 30sts in one half, one stitch at the seam and 30sts on the other half of the hood.
From then on follow the directions for joining and knitting knit/purl 1x1 rib in the round.
Here’s a video for picking up sts that may help.


If you haven’t picked up in the ratio if 2 sts for every 3 rows before - each row looks like a V (knit) or a bump (purl) so as you work up the edge you’ll look for the end of each row.
Pick up in the edge of row 1 and 2, skip row 3.
Pick up in the edge of the next 2 rows, skip 1 row.
Pick up in the edge of the next 2 rows, skip1 row.
And continue this way.
Skipping rows sounds like it leaves holes but it won’t. It will all work together nicely in the next row.

Hope this helps

Thank you but what does it mean to pick up 2 sts for every 3 rows?

Good question.
Pick up a stitch in the first column of sts or the first row. Pick up a stitch in the second column or row of sts. Skip row three and then begin again picking up sts in the next two rows, skipping the third row.
This is a nice video for picking up sts across the bound off edge (similar to the demo at the end of the video I linked to in my first post).

The video I first posted shows you picking up on a side edge or the ends of rows.