Baking Advice needed

So I got some thin mint girl scout cookies and decided to use them as a crust. I’m going to smash the cookies then add some melted butter and press into my pan. Now comes the difficult part. I want to make something like chocolate pudding (not from a box) to put on top, but I want it to be firmer so when I cut my “pie” the middle won’t go all over the place. I don’t want to use eggs because I don’t plan on baking it. I know the basic vegan egg substitutes and have narrowed it down to two, arrowroot and tofu. Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to “stiffen” pudding?

If I were looking for a stiffening agent arrowroot or cornstarch would be the ones I’d think of first. I have used both and they both work well.

I found this about using arrowroot or cornstarch:

[COLOR=Navy][I]Both arrowroot powder and cornstarch are starch thickeners, powders used to give body to pie fillings, puddings, gravies and sauces without adding their own flavor. But they each have their pros and cons.

Arrowroot is a good thickener for an acidic liquid. (Cornstarch loses potency in acids.) Arrowroot is also a good choice if your sauce is mildly flavored. It holds up well to freezing, which cornstarch does not. When you’re looking for a high-gloss finish, use arrowroot.

On the downside, it’s more expensive than cornstarch, and it’s not a good choice for sauces or gravies with dairy products: They turn slimy.

To thicken with arrowroot powder: Mix it with an equal amount of cold water and then whisk it into your hot liquid for about 30 seconds.

To thicken with cornstarch: Mix it with an equal amount of cold water before whisking the slurry into hot liquid. Simmer the liquid, whisking constantly, for about 1 minute before it thickens.[/I][/COLOR]

Agar agar could also be used to thicken your pudding. It’s used as a gelatine substitute for vegans and you can also use it when making puddings from tofu.

I found this excerpt from a favorite go to book of recipes for vegan sweets and desserts that might help you figure out what to use:

Thickening Agents

Hope this helps and hope you make a yummy pie!

Tofu with tofumates! I can find Tofu Mates at most Health Food Stores. Mixed into a pudding, it sets up nicely - no eggs, no cooking. :slight_smile:

Cool whip…

I make a pudding pie, much like what you want to do (actually came out of a kids mag, like Owl…)

It is 1/2 cup to the two cups of pudding you make up from a box.

It doesn’t make it stiff, like cutting into moulded jello…but it makes it stiffer…and will cut into defined slices…sort of like a cream pie…

HMMM - I know you’re not going to bake the pie, but the only pudding recipes I have are cooked on the stovetop with eggs and cornstarch and don’t get baked. In fact, don’t think I’ve ever heard of baking a pudding pie. If I’m going to use the pudding for pie filling I use 1/4 cup less milk to make it a little more firm.

I’d go with silken tofu…it adopts flavors very well and is really nutritious. Here’s an example recipe: