Bah... Not sure what to do

So I finally found a pattern for a throw I’d LOVE to do. It just so happened that I actually had the recommended yarn for the pattern so I figured I’d knit a bit of one of the panels to see if I could get gauge. Well… I got gauge with the size needles recommended (10) but it looked awful IMO.

This is the pattern from Lion’s Brand

When I use size 6 needles with the same yarn it doesn’t have the huge holes in it that the size 10s did… but I don’t really care to knit a throw with size 6 needles…

If anyone has knitted this (which I know a lot of people have ;o) I’d be curious to know what size needles and/or what kind of yarn you used to make it look nice with defined cables.

Since you’re on Ravelry look at the ones that people have made there. Of the 86 listed 12 people have used the suggested yarn. Most used the size 10, one used a 9 and surprisingly one used a 5. That one must feel like cardboard. :zombie:

Are you saying the fabric is loose and holey or are you referring to the holes that are fairly common around the cables? How big was your swatch? Did you block it?

You can look at the projects on ravelry to see what others did. You could try an 8 and see how that looks. That’s the usual needle size for this yarn. Someone doubled the yarn and used size 11s to get gauge. Another used size 9s. So try a swatch, start on 8s knit a few inches, then go to 9s. See which you like better. And like Jan says, cables leave a bit of a gap, but that usually evens out after washing and blocking.

I didn’t wash or block it… the stiches just seemed too loose to me. It might be because I’ve never tried to knit with anything other than bulky yarn (I just love the fuzzy feel of chunky wool!). I’ll probably give it another go tonight with the size 8s and see if I have better luck :o)

I did notice in the XO pattern that there were big holes where the two twists met to form the X… I assume that those are the normal cable holes and will go away.

Side question - how important is gauge for this project if I don’t really care how big it comes out? I just want something nice looking to go on the back of the couch that I could throw on my feet when they get cold.

Thanks in advance for all the help!! :o)

For a throw, gauge isn’t that important; it’ll be a little larger or smaller than the original depending on what size needles you use, if you keep to the pattern and don’t adjust the sts. Use the needle you like the fabric you get.