Bags of the world

I have been knitting different bags that are suppose to represent different parts of the world… I don’t know if they do but it uses up lots of little pieces of wool and I get some interesting disignes
What do ya think???

I have just started a felted vest…but haven’t taken any pictures…yet:mrgreen:

Very cool! I am jealous of your creativity! Hard to pick a favorite but I think I like the middle one best! Thanks for sharing!

Very nice! Are they from patterns? If not you’re very clever! :thumbsup:

I LOVE these! My teenage daughter sees these styles in a South American import shop at the mall and begs me to try and knit one for her. Very cool.

Wow!! Great idea! These are wonderful!

:yay: My favorite was the last one but all are very creative.

Thanks for the high praise!! They are patterns from a book…They are fun to do and don’t take very long…hummm the first one was a little tricky:cool:
the book of patterns is; Folk bags by Vicki Square…

A Napramach from Central Asia
A Yoruba Mask from Nigeria
A tile bag from Morocco

I also did a bag from Ireland(sold two of them), an Origami bag and Korean pocket pouch… So little time…some many fun patterns…:mrgreen:

Very cool!! :thumbsup:

I think these bags are WORKS OF ART!! Great job!! :thumbsup:

I just love these! all of them. Would have a hard time picking a favorite. Congrats! beautiful work.