Bags i knitted(booga bag and blue lagoon bag)

Hi friends
These are my latest knits booga bag ang blue lagoon bag from pursenality plus book. both the bags turned out good . i thought i would the pics with u.

They did turn out good! Great work!!!

Very nice!

That castle cake is pretty amazing too!

Mama Bear

:smiley: Very nice :cheering: :cheering:

Your bags came out so nice!! :smiley: I also have that book on knitting 25 bags. I haven’t done any yet from it but I think the book is really a good one. Got mine for under $10.00 from a book club I was in. :happydance:

really did u get ur book for 10 bucks u must be kidding it costed me 20 dollars. u got a good deal

Great Bags!

And what cute cakes :thumbsup:

lovey bags =D

Beautiful–what gorgeous colors! :inlove: :inlove:

Beautiful baggage! :happydance:

Are you going to try each bag in the book?

Actually i just tried two bags from the book which i really liked.iam addicted to knit bags now, i have to try some thing new, so iam working on baby afgan

They look great!

Wonderful job!

You are so talented!