Baggy Sweater

I am considering making RedHeart Free Pattern Knit Barn Jacket. I have made a sweater in the past and under the armhole was like a sack of potatoes. Is there any way of avoiding this. I made the proper size so I know I didn’t do anything wrong. Any input would be much appreicated.



There are two main reasons for too much fabric under the arms:
(a) the pattern has drop sleeves, with the shoulder seam extending below the natural shoulder line, and (b) the pattern has sleeves that are knit in one with the body of the jacket, like a t-shirt. Look for a pattern with [I]set-in sleeves [/I]-- the kind that are sewn into the armhole. This style is a little more fiddly to make, but it eliminates all the underarm droop and is more flattering to most people.

Thank you so much. You are right that the sweater is a drop sleeve but you do so in the sleeves. I have been looking everywhere for a set in sleeve; the drop sleeve always makes the garment look to big on me.

Thanks again.