Bag Strap Alternatives

So, I just finished the bag part of my Quinn Bag and it’s time to start on the strap. It’s THREE icords braided together. I’m dreading it. I hate icords and really don’t want to do three of them! Does anyone have any cute alternatives to an icord to use as a purse strap?


what a fun bag! I’m excited to get to cables…could you do a “flat” strap with a matching cable pattern?

Or, I saw on Knitty Gritty a twisted cord that Vicki Howell did with an electric mixer…she used 3 strands, but you could use 6 strands, 2 grouped together to get 3. Then she tied each strand to the beater of the electric mixer and the other end of the strands to something stationery. THEN she turned on the mixer and it twisted her cord just right. Before she untied it from either end, she found the center point and folded it, it twisted up and she just sort of pulled it and it was great.

That’s a long explanation, but I hope it’s clear. It will look braided without doing the icord or the braiding!

How about a leather strap. Either a “purse part” from a craft store or a leather belt?


I did the Vickie way of icords and it works…

Ooooh, I think I’m going to have to try that mixer thing! What a way to “mix” my two loves- kitchen gadgets & knitting! I’ll check out JoAnn’s this week too. I need to get some fabric for a liner so I’ll see what they have for straps too while I’m at it.


you got some great ideas, and I had 2 more that you might not need now
1 - if your I-chord is not stiff enough you can put fish tubing in the I-chord before (or after sometimes) Felting.
2 - The other idea is that you can do a figure 8 I-chord. CO 9 and knit 5, brin yan forward and turn your work, thus a 2 sided self hemmed I-chord

just more info for someone


When you do the mixer, you need to cut your yarn twice the size as you want it to be. so measure how much you want. double that. Then tie one end to the mixer… the other end to something else that does not MOVE Turn on the mixer and watch. it will only take seconds to make… Un-tie one end, find the middle, but don’t let them touch yet… Then walk to the other end./ but the 2 end together to let them twist together…:thumbsup:

That is so interesting! I’m going to see if I can find that video on line or something - I would be anxious to see how it turns out because I’m not a fan of doing i-cords either. To knit 3 or 4 stitches & then have to scoot, its too irritating to me - & I just had to knit 2 to felt up for a purse & twisted them together - so I would have LOVED to seen this before I went thorugh all that other work!

Let us know how it goes!

a cable strap… knit as a tube…

cast on 16 or 20, work on 2 circs

one side (8/10) 2 stitches of sead stitch/ 2 purls 4 (or 6) for cable.(followed by 2 purls/2 sead stitches so cable is centered)

second side the same.

it would match bag perfectly