Bag FO's!

I just finished this bag and I LOVE it! I finished this in 2 days. The top and bottom part are actually purple but look like a dusty purple compared to the deeper purples in the middle part! I am using it as a yarn bag to hold my current projects, I don’t have any right now!:woot: :woot: :woot: I am so excited!

good job, sweetie! :yay:

Wow, nice work! Love the colors you chose.

Wow, I never though of knitting a bag to hold my yarn and project. You did a great job and it so useful too!

I’ve always just grabbed the nearest backpack (book bag) or canvas shopping bag and asked my dear wife if I could use it. She has lots of them because she is a teacher.[/COLOR]

It looks awesome, KG! :thumbsup:

Thank you! All I need to do now is find another project!

Great work! Nice color combo, too! :thumbsup:

Looks wonderful!! What’s next?

I have a whole line of beanies to make, for my family, but I need to get some circular size 3 needles. I have straight size 3 but I don’t want a sewn line in the back. That and I have some sock yarn to make some yoga socks. (socks without a heel or toe)

Great lookig bag!

Yes, very nice.

Thank you!:aww:

Nice bag! You are learning more all the time. :heart:

You can say that again. I am learning stuff all the time!cloud9

I’m really happy for you that you enjoy your knitting so much. Your excitement is catchy.

Love your knitting! I love to knit usful things too.


That says it all! Makes me wonder why I’m sitting at the computer and not knitting.